After a successful 8 year career in mobile phone retail, Alistair decided to have a new challenge and saw an opportunity to do something special while working in west Wales.
Soon after setting up a small office in Carmarthen, Alistair’s father, Steve Cox came on board and together they started selling mobile phones to businesses in the Carmarthen area, but with a personal service where we always went to them. With the help of word of mouth, reputation and a focus on the agricultural community, Dyfed Telecom has continued to grow and is on the road setting up mobile phones on farms, offices and people’s homes all over west Wales, day and night.



Established in 1993, DST Group has always maintained an ethos that there is a symbiotic relationship between pipeline components, thermal expansion equipment and pipework supports systems. To this day, we are still the only supplier and manufacturer capable of designing and advising on all aspects of pipework installation.
Our aim has always been to offer the right product at the right price. In today’s M & E market, much emphasis is placed by suppliers on over designed highly priced solutions which are rarely needed. Our engineers promote common sense engineering, backed up by high quality products.